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Simplex srl was founded as an high standard metal carpentry in 1962 by Pietro Miani, the father of the actual general manager Giancarlo Miani,, it has developed its activity producing special projects, working, side by side, with some of the most world known architects and lighting designers combining different materials as metal structures, lightning, PMMA and PC.

Thanks to Giancarlo’s great passion of underwater photography and his deep knowledge of light laws through transparent materials in the last 20 years Simplex issued several important patents on backlit field that allow it to solve lighting problems and accomplish important projects all around the world.

This year Mr Miani with Simplex presents a brand new patent THE MOSAIC SYSTEM. Using light square backlit mosaic tile (50x50x2 cm thickness) with very high luminous efficiency and only 12 watt consumption, the company is able to produce backlit mosaics easy to mount with magnets on its several versions:

  • Backlit surfaces, walls, of any size made on printed PC, PMMA or on natural wood;
  • Backlit mosaics outstanding Expo with shelves and wheels and on demand we can also offer the interchangeable printed surface version so to be able to change the backlit printed images on the background if needed.
  • Backlit tiles to be included as inserts in wood, stone or resins floors;
  • The new underwater backlit tile version which could be used as insert underwater in swimming pools, fountains and artificial waterfalls.

Our ART BACKLIT MASTERPIECE is not only a product but it is part of a very important project that allow everybody to enjoy everywhere the ancient and modern art masterpieces in new effective and in a elegant way.

Every Art Backlit Masterpiece sold by Simplex is a reproduction of a famous painting, mosaic, mural fresco or a specific photo and it has:

  • The HD image coming directly from the digital museums’ archives with a certification of image usage right
  • A 0,6 mm real wood frame
  • 4 total corners on burnished brass for protection
  • 1 corner is engraved with the serial product’s number and presents an hand made Simplex red wax seal
  • It could be dimmerable on demand

Flame Retardant Carpet Protection Film protects carpets on floors, steps and stairs and is certified to the Marine Equipment Directive (Wheelmark).

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