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ANDRITZ is a leading global supplier 

THE LISTED TECHNOLOGY GROUP ANDRITZ, headquartered in Graz, Austria, has approximately 29,500 employees and more than 280 sites worldwide. ANDRITZ is a leading global supplier of innovative flue and exhaust gas cleaning technologies. The product range combines 35+ years’ experience with the specific knowledge gained from hundreds of installations worldwide. 

The listed technology group ANDRITZ, headquartered in Graz, Austria, has approximately 29,000 employees and more than 280 sites worldwide. ANDRITZ is a leading global supplier of innovative flue and exhaust gas cleaning technologies. The product range combines 35+ years’ experience with the specific knowledge gained from hundreds of installations worldwide. 



Air pollution causes discomfort or harm to people and other living organisms. It is our mission to prevent air pollution from shipping fleets, power generation, and industrial processes. Thanks to our broad portfolio of air pollution control technologies and extensive experience from completed projects, ANDRITZ is able to handle any challenge your project may entail. Our product portfolio ranges from flue gas scrubbers (wet and dry), dust and soot separation, to SCR/DeNOx systems and complex flue gas cleaning equipment for waste-to-energy and industrial plants.


The ANDRITZ SeaSOx technology is the right answer to meet the new requirements and can be installed on all types of maritime vessels, either on a new build or retrofit basis thanks to its flexibility. 

SeaSOxwet (wet scrubbing), using seawater as absorbent and suitable for open, closed or hybrid mode, for commercial vessels operating in international waters. 


  • Simple and robust design suitable for I-type (inline) and U-type (bypass) installation
  • Substantial noise reduction 
  • Patented FGDplus layer guarantees highest SO2 removal and a surplus in particulate removal
  • At I-type scrubbers exhaust gas can pass through safely, even when the absorber pumps are not operating
  • Highest removal efficiencies with lowest operating costs
  • Multiple inlets possible
  • Smallest footprint of I-type scrubbers due to rectangular design
  • U-type scrubber can be designed as Open Spray Tower – with small footprint- or as Packed Tower – with low energy consumption

SeaSOxdry (dry scrubbing), using sodium bicarbonate powder as absorbent, for commercial vessels operating in coastal waters and inland waterways.


  • Low CAPEX 
  • SO2 removal possible to 0.1% or 0.5% S possible
  • Low pressure drop (< 15 mbar)
  • No wash water discharge to the sea
  • No plume due to  high temperature of exhaust gas 
  • No harmful sorbents 
  • Additional removal of particulates  down to emission values of < 10 mg/m³ (std.,dry) can be guaranteed; < 90% removal of fine particulates (< 1 µm)
  • No need to install pumps, waste water treatment equipment, heat exchangers, filters, or tanks in the engine room
  • Multiple inlets possible


In-house specialists at ANDRITZ AUTOMATION provide a complete control system for ANDRITZ SeaSOx applications, individually tailored to the specific characteristics of each vessel and able to communicate with the vessel's main, higher-level control systems, also if installed as an upgrade.

Jan Kornman (right) and Dianthus’s art director 

Annelies Aardenburg (left)

Jan Kornman (bottom) and Dianthus’s art director Annelies Aardenburg (top)

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Waagner-Biro-Platz 1
8074 Raaba-Grambach
+43 316 501 – 2895


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Dimeq AS. Is a technology company based in the west coast of Norway, where our main purpose is to bring the new era of digital HSE and disrupt the maritime industry with our breakthrough technology.

imeq has developed a breakthrough technology that gives multiple advantages and possibilities of real-time positioning of personnel in a steel environment, never before achieved. 

The advantages of this technology open a new world for digitalizing maritime HSE never possible in the past.

  • IPR protected technology. 
  • Innovative battery management gives 6 to 12 months of lifetime. 
  • Smallest wristband in the market that can pack all this technology.
  • Smallest data packages generated for a positioning system at this level.
  • One of the most integrable & adaptable digital system out there.

It will create a more safe, secure and reliable working environment for the maritime crew in all types of vessels. 

These are some of the main features Dimeq EyeD system offers to their clients (applicable to all vessels):

Jan Kornman (right) and Dianthus’s art director 

Annelies Aardenburg (left)

Jan Kornman (bottom) and Dianthus’s art director Annelies Aardenburg (top)


It’s all about organized speed, reliable information and reliable count of mustered personnel.

Our system EyeD-1 provides the speed unparallel to any other system. We are counting instantly people as they get close to their muster station area, one by one or thousand by thousand, we don’t have limitation on the ability to monitor and count multiple users at the same time.

In big ships, it’s all about saving time and having a reliable counting, that’s what we are giving. An operation that takes several hours, can now be achieved in matter of minutes, without hazards and without messing around with old cards or manual counting. We bring the new era of digital muster station to the maritime industry.


Another crucial aspect of passenger vessel is the registration of passengers coming and going out from the vessels almost in a daily basis.

We offer an automated system that will count without limitation in numbers, all the passengers or crew, getting onboard or leaving the vessel automatically without having to stop, check or register anything, just leave the ship or just join the ship, is that easy, is that fast.

The way we set up this areas, like muster stations and others, is based on fields coming from our sensors, detecting our EyeD1 wristband that work like a tag, linked to the profile of the user and then controlling his registration status, position, and information that is directly displayed on the bridge screen or tablet.


The major problem of man overboard, is not knowing about it. That’s what our system EyeD is bringing as a value to our customers, knowing about it.

We can detect when a MOB situation is occurring in real time instantly knowing where, when & who it was, and highlight it to the bridge and officers on duty, so actions can take place rapidly and efficiently to save the life of the affected. Again, no more lost lives at sea.


An extension of our Mustering function pack, we offer monitoring and digital support to all other emergencies onboard any type of ship or vessel. Muster stations will be still watched and covered as usual, but at the same time other teams and special operations can be differentiated and monitored with the same precision as the muster station. As example we can monitor the fire team, to control all members are at their stations, communicate the fire location and type of fire via monitors on the station. In this way fire team can be more effective as well as monitored in real time through the whole operation.

Black outs is another common situation onboard vessels and often linked to fire as well. We can monitor last detected location, and monitor in real time the muster stations, information that is displayed at the screens or mobile devices. 

The sensors at these areas (muster stations) are directly connected to the servers UPS system, to give us that extra time and necessary data for a successful operation. 


Our all in one lightweight and user-friendly wristband packs simple tech used wisely. Allowing us to give our users as many functions they want and they need.

Our common Bluetooth chip with integrated NFC that is used for secured data transactions, allows us to also use the wristband as a key feature and as a payment device, secured and safe to use.

This extra package of our EyeD system is an easy integration towards already existing systems onboard vessels these days, all these protocols are standards like ours.


In this vast digital world of today, the key is integration. Too many things wanting to do the same but different, our EyeD system is the evolution of all this, bringing you only one element to do everything. Build the systems as your needs and wishes grow, the limitations are only your dreams.

We can integrate our system to any other administrative system for POB systems (People on Board), registration. It can be an extension of systems that are toward sensor monitoring areas like engine machines, toxicity, noise levels, fire detection and the list goes on.

The advantage of using something so common as Bluetooth, gives us the potential to be integrated towards mobile devices, phones, lights, coffee machines and so on, via IoT integration with Bluetooth, the future of the things.

Go simple or build your package, any step you take to improve your HSE & user experience, will make a difference!

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Dimeq AS

Iglandsvika 18
6727 Bremanger, Norway
Contact: + 47 9740 1471


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