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​​​​​​​Aug 2019

Adventure cruise operator Quark Expeditions has recently pledged to reduce its environmental impact by launching a series of sustainability initiatives under its Polar Promise strategy. In this issue of Future Cruise, we analyse the scope of its proposals, and how far they will go to mitigate cruise’s impact in Arctic and Antarctic waters.

We also explore how cruise operators are mitigating sickness at sea - a topic spreading across the industry – and find out more about how old cruise ships are being sunk to form artificial reefs, providing new diving and fishing opportunities around the world.

Also in this issue, we attended the launch party for Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, due to set sail in 2020, to get the lowdown on Virgin’s objective to create brand new ‘no-guilt’ experiences at sea.

Finally, we poll the office to find out what staff members from the millennial and gen X brackets think of the cruise industry, where they would like to go, and what operators could do to encourage them to book a cruise in the near future.

Joe Baker, editor