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may 2019

Among the glitz and glamour that accompanies a cruise holiday, some passengers have their eyes on even bigger prizes: securing some of the world’s most wanted art pieces during pompous on-board auctions. But the allure of these events has been marred in the past by scandals, lawsuits and returned pieces from disgruntled customers. We dive into the strange and fascinating world of cruise ship art auctions. 

Next, our reporter visited the brand new MSC Bellissima on its christening event and got to meet with its personalised on-board AI companion, Zoe. 

Another damning environmental report hit the industry, this time against Carnival’s alleged high levels of air pollution on deck. But there’s good news on the horizon: a multitude of eco waste initiatives are being implemented across the ocean's liners as operators catch up with consumer demands for more sustainable travel. 

Finally, we scrutinise the Titanic II project after it was recently revived by its eccentric patron, and talk to Anthony Mauboussin, the “culinary architect” behind Viking’s top-class menus. 

Joe Baker, editor