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MKN Premium Professional Cooking Technology

Cooking in galleys is an everyday challenge all over the world. That's why we at MKN demand the highest quality possible when it comes to innovations, multifunctional solutions and perfectly designed products. We keep a keen eye on all of the cooking processes with the aim of achieving perfect interaction of all components. The result is intelligent professional cooking technology boasting increased efficiency, high performance operation and optimum customer benefit.

MKN is a leading supplier in the marine sector. It is probably hard to find a cruise line that is not using any MKN equipment somewhere in its fleet. The reasons for this are many, but it most certainly has something to do with MKN’s dedication to innovation, leadership and a strong network of customer support. MKN guarantees a worldwide supply of spare parts and regular training for its service partners to ensure a smooth run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MKN has been supplying products for the cruise industry for more than 20 years and has its own global marine department with sales, technical and design support. Easy compliance with the particularly strict hygiene regulations (USPH) for example plays a significant role by the selection of suitable professional cooking technology because hygiene is a very important issue for galleys on the high seas.

With the multifunctional FlexiChef and FlexiCombi out of the comprehensive product range, MKN offers appliances, which make it particularly easy to really effectuate these strong hygiene regulations. For example with the SpaceClean feature of FlexiChef, which is the first automatic cleaning system for horizontal kitchen technology. With its intermediate cleaning cycle the pan is ready for the next cooking process in only two minutes (plus set-up time) and completely without the use of chemicals. With SpaceClean, manual cleaning is no longer necessary which means chefs can use their time in a more flexible way to focus on important priorities. SpaceClean practically cleans the pan alongside the normal work and so it contributes to increasing the productivity in kitchens and galleys.

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