We hope you enjoyed this edition of Future Cruise, and hopefully everything will look a lot brighter for the cruise industry by the time our next edition comes out. Cruising is soon set to restart in many parts of the world, so we shall take a look at how companies like Norwegian Cruise are getting back on the water.

As summer will be in full swing, we will take you along a journey around the biggest cruise ship in the world, and showcase as many unique attractions and events as possible. 

We shall also be exploring one of the most daring feats of engineering the world has ever seen – the first ship tunnel. The Stad Tunnel, once it has been completed, will be the world’s first shipping tunnel, and will make cruising and shipping safer along the treacherous Norwegian coastline.

As we look towards the future, still hopeful of mask-free sailing, the way cruises are being booked is changing. We take a look at a new itinerary planner, currently trialled for Baltic Sea cruises, that promises to make booking once-in-a-lifetime trips as easy as possible.


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