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‘Design with purpose’, Sinclaire is dedicated in designing contract fabrics with supreme functionality. 

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Meeting the highest of contract demands our fabrics give a great look & feel with genuine performance.

Sinclaire was founded in the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury over 40 years ago. Whilst lots of our collections feature ‘typically British designs’ we have travelled the world over to perfect our look. The team in recent years have taken huge influences from Italian designers past and present. This has opened the minds of designers time and time again and we are renowned for giving a bespoke touch to our fabrics. Sinclaire traditionally always used woven designs with high quality yarns, but we realise that now is not the time to stand still and this year has seen the company launch a truly outstanding printed range, which is featured in this publication. The design team always come back to our routes to make sure we are sticking true to our philosophy and we never release something we are not totally happy with.

We don’t compromise on design, our philosophy is to give designers what they want. That means getting the best looking fabric possible. Our design team work tirelessly on following current and future trends with the aim of producing beautiful products. Our in-house weaving team then engineer the fabrics for maximum performance. Using durable yarns from all over the world and only testing our products against accredited bodies our fabrics are built from the ground up. Due to our in-house design nature we are able to run bespoke fabrics and even modify existing designs to our customers exact requirements.

Constantly innovating, Sinclaire is focussed on bringing new products to the world market. This year has been no different and with the environment playing such a huge part in our business we challenged the design team to create something environmentally friendly. The result was staggering, with the introduction of the first contract upholstery Cork collection. The fabric is completely customisable and comes from sustainable routes. The team didn’t stop there though and have began work on the next idea which incorporates concrete and fabrics.

Our customers love challenging us and at Sinclaire we have found that there has been an increasing frustration in our customers seeing the beautiful fabrics wherever they go but all being stylised in the same way. We decided that this needed to change and have invested into the UK’s only bespoke quilting technology. This gives us the ability to take the monotonous products that our customers were seeing in the market and adding art to them. With a limitless amount of design we quite simply say if it can be drawn on paper, it can be quilted by Sinclaire. Some of our more creative projects can be seen on our sister companies website Cliq Designs.

We never stop working to improve our service and so our team then decided that the quilting could be dual purpose. Our ‘art with function’ acoustic panels and headboards have been developed in recent years and the sound reduction results are truly incredible but what really stood out is the creativity that our customers want to express on what have previously been relatively standard products. Sinclaire has given depth and texture to otherwise plain and dull surfaces.

The marine industry has been a large success area in our story. We have worked on over 30 cruise lines, 500 hotels, 2000 restaurants so we know how to perfect an interior. Working closely with designers to achieve luxury in both public and private areas. The whole process from the initial contact is then managed by one of our experienced, forward thinking project managers. Operating world wide gives the ability to provide a supreme service in a fast responsive nature. Our samples are sent out next day and our design team will always work with the customer to achieve their desired result.

Sinclaire looks forward to bringing the future closer. Our aim is to create the future for others and not let the future be created for us. Our designers are focussed on trends and developments as far forward as 5 years from now. The future of woven textiles is firmly in our hands but we will continue to develop our printed and sustainable ranges to give us a complete solution for any of customers.

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