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M-Wave360 QMS is a Ship Safety Management solution for Health, Safety, Security, Quality and Environment (HSSQE), designed and implemented to meet the needs of the shipping industry both onboard and ashore, no matter the types of maritime operations or company size.

Powered by M-Files, the leader of intelligent information management platforms, M-Wave360 QMS, is designed and implemented with the experience, high-quality services, and expertise of Enter Consulting

The Safe Management and Operation of ships, along with the International ISM, the ISPS, MLC Convention, and ISO(s), requires the development of a set of company objectives and policies to be achieved, implemented, and maintained. These objectives are aiming to ensure safety at sea as well as the prevention of personnel injury, loss of life, or damage to property.

The M-Wave360 QMS platform is a ship safety management system and an ideal tool to maintain your corporate needs and to satisfy external authorities' obligations by facilitating the creation, deployment, circulation, and process of core activities.

It is your single point of synchronization, communication, and reference for the personnel on the vessel and ashore by covering a broad set of actions such as : Management System, MS Changes, Electronic Manuals, Forms, Risk Assessments, Certificates & all core Activities like Drills, Training, Audits / Inspections / PSC / Vetting / TMSAs through their respective modules.

Say goodbye to repetitive and time-consuming actions!

Live monitoring of all vessel’s aspects and day to day activities

No more office to vessel replications and vice versa 

Zero data loss

Free of sending back and forth emails 

Single point of uniting and

categorizing data

No superficial monitoring,

penalties, delays and


Activity Management module

The Activity Management module is a planning, monitoring & logging tool for both future and past activities of both office and ships. The company and vessels may schedule all types of activities, such as audits/inspections, drills, trainings, checks and any kind of tasks/jobs and track their timely commencement and/or progress. The company & vessel may search for past specific activities for more details and prove their proper execution.

In detail: 

  • Overview of all activities (surveys, inspections, audits, etc.) & outstanding issues (activities cannot be closed with outstanding issues)
  • Planning and follow-up tool – Tracking the progress of activities
  • Easy user-based overview of upcoming activities across his/her own assigned fleet
  • Maintain detailed records for internal, external, office or shipboard audits, inspections, trainings, meetings and drills
  • Remind the forms needed for the proper submission of an activity
  • Link images, documents, evidences, checklists and drawings to audits, incidents, meet-ings, drills etc.
  • Load respective manuals for the execution of an activity

Management System module

The Management System module is fully integrated and connected with other modules in M-Wave360. A user can organize, classify or group documents using a hierarchical structure, search and version control the MS of the company, along with all manuals.

In detail:

  • Overview of MS and Manuals (ship-specific, emergency, security) 
  • Use the easy structure of MS and user-friendly search engine
  • Use links inside the procedures (to forms/ext. documents/other procedures/manuals etc.)
  • Create MS Change Requests, review them per “status” and categorize them by priority
  • Apply approval flow before publishing or revising a document
  • Maintain records of entries and/or changes made to a document
  • Link the MS Change requests to all activities (if needed)
  • Enforce CONFIDENTIALITY to security-related manuals & procedures
  • Centralized storage of all external documents and circulars
  • Ability to check the revised procedures of the last month, thus Masters to keep track of changes and be up to date.

Form Management module

The Forms management module is a flexible tool for the users both ashore and onboard to submit information and reports in a uniformed and controlled way. The office designs the electronic templates and data entered in the forms will be automatically stored in M-Wave360. The data entry is user-friendly for the crew members as the forms use Microsoft Word or Excel based templates, which are highly customer configurable and can be used across the entire fleet for many purposes.

The forms can be checklists (audits, emergency etc.), permits before starting a maintenance task (hot work, enclose space) or a measurement form to be filled before completing a task. These “forms on job” may be set as mandatory to an activity therefore the office must control both the accuracy and safety of the job flow and the proper record keeping.

The Forms Management module can also be used as an assisting tool for reporting e.g. non-conformities, near misses, safety observations and incidents. You can even set up approval flows onboard the vessel and between vessel and office.

  • Electronic format of all your current MS forms
  • Design in word and easy upload checklists to M-Wave360
  • Save time and proper monitoring of all forms
  • Link the forms to the activity and mandate the user to use it
  • Make sure crew members follow a specific workflow and a set approval flow
  • Avoid useless email attachments and hard copies
  • Forms can be subject to MS Change Requests as exactly your procedures.

Risk Management module

The Risk Management module assists shipowners to guarantee the health and safety and environmental protection of the crew on board their vessels. The module consists of risk assess-ments, either empty or already pre-filled which can be submitted electronically for approval either by vessel (Master, C/E, C/O etc.) or Office (Super/nt or DPA). 

  • Risk assessment is using excel as a base and it has never been more user-friendly.
  • You can even set up approval procedures and send risk assessments for approval.
  • Risk assessment can be linked to any planned activity.
  • Risk assessment can be mandatory prior to submitting an activity.
  • Company can create risk assessment templates – already filled
  • Company can categorize them and create a “risk assessment library”
  • Risk Assessments Templates can be subject to Change Request and get revisions to prove that system is improving.

Certificate Handling

The proper management of all mandatory and statutory vessel certificates from ship and shore, with scanned copies of the actual certificates. A user can keep track of all currently issued certificates across the fleet. Never miss an expiration date again!

  • Module assists user to never miss an expiring certificate again which is due for renewal
  • Same LIVE view for office and vessel
  • Preview of Certificate
  • Track and manage the old certificates
  • Arrange certificates into groups (statutory, permanent, class, etc.)
  • Monitor crew licenses, training records, certificates’ validity and expirations
  • Notify the right people who are assigned to each one!
  • Ability to easy store and categorize vessels' drawings

Task Management module

The Task Management module consists of all personalised/assigned tasks that a user shall perform in one overview. It provides all information for powerful and flexible management for all departments (HSQE, Marine, Technical etc.).

The task list can show the entire fleet, it is also possible to narrow the view to a specific selection of units, based on the assignments of each user. Now the user can see the pending activities of their assigned vessels, the forms and risk assessments which need to be approved, the MS Change Requests which are still pending his/her review and much more!

  • Task List overview per vessel or fleet or per group of vessels
  • Optimize vessels’ proper monitoring
  • Adjustable system fitting your company’s internal processes
  • Dashboard – design your own dynamic dashboards and achieve a quick overview for your daily needs. A personalized follow-up tool with a user-friendly layout


Analytics, a valuable tool to extract the data needed with graphs and pivots for your easy perusal and presentation.

  • Create customized reports that match your KPIs. 
  • Lost Time Injuries LTI
  • Total Recorded Injuries TRI
  • Navigational Incidents – Touching NIT
  • Critical Equipment Incidents CEI
  • Spills To Sea STS
  • Loss of Containment LOC

And more…

  • Analyze data efficiently and identify your areas for improvement.
  • Integration & Export capabilities with MS Excel.