SIM.CO.VR was established more than twenty years ago by a group of engineers when the new frontier of computer assisted design (CAD) appeared on worldwide market.

The team was interested on offering to the market a new approach on each executive aspect of the projects as well as to the simulations in general.

The geographical location of the Company has naturally oriented its attention to the growing market of cruise ships, that nowadays is the major field of activity of SIM.CO.VR.

The vast experience on interior design, in particular naval, is certainly one of the strengths that facilitate an efficient communication with architects and engineers and the production of virtual technically correct environment.

Since the very beginning the Company has focused on the aim of offering services directed at the definition of projects of interior design in big size areas so that consequently the Company size has always been an important key element.

In the light of these goals, the creation of big team-works, directed by a Project Manager, allows to manage huge workload, as for example an entire cruise ship, keeping a unique style of presentation for the overall project.


SIM.CO.VR since its foundation in 1995 provides professional services of engineering in using new technologies, thanks to the following vision:

  • Maximize the chances of an easy visualization and interpretation of the project in each of its components
  • Reduce the gap between the project as conceived and the owner expectations
  • Facilitate the decision making process using powerful visualization tools
  • Provide a service oriented towards owner satisfaction


  • Basic design related to naval interiors;
  • Integration of design elements inside the ship structure (A1 and A2 drawings, or BPA and BPE, depending on the standards required by the yard and the ship-owner);
  • Detailed Workshop drawings for the production of artefacts;
  • Project visualization with different VR techniques to facilitate the comprehension;
  • Constant update of the technical and virtual project during its implementation, to ease the economic choices and the interpretation of changes;
  • Valid support on the understanding and analysis of overstandard;
  • Ability on using every material created for the definition of the project also on the marketing activities;
  • Expertise and experience on all techniques of virtual display;
  • Highly faithful Virtual reproductions of the actual project;
  • Supply of extremely realistic high definition images and videos;
  • Application of new VR technologies for the supply of images and short films “fully immersive” and/or in 360 stereoscopic.

These services are part of what SIM.CO.VR. has been constantly offering to the market and its consolidated customers for more than 20 years. The steady presence on the market, working on complex and articulated projects, has given SIM.CO.VR. the chance to show reliability, flexibility and accuracy, features that identify the Company. The project technical precision along with the quality of graphic reproduction gives the customer a better prevision and management of the overstandard, with subsequent more efficient costs control.

The multi-year experience and expertise producing marketing contents, offer an additional advantage for the customer, who has no need to change spokesman and can benefit of the complete accuracy and know-how put in the project creation and definition procedures, even for the promotion of the “product ship”. SIM.CO.VR, with a vast and safe historical archive of all the past projects, assists even its customers that can request just an update of a fully-realized project with a remarkable reduced process schedule and undeniable economic advantages, such as for example for refitting projects.

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