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Issue 17 • August 2021

The recent IPCC environmental report was yet another reminder of the serious damage we are doing to the planet. And just this past week, we witnessed record-breaking high temperatures in Europe, whilst at the same time, it seems that half of the Mediterranean is burning away in front of us. Don't forget about the devastating flooding last month in Germany and Belgium. Or the heatwaves rolling across the Pacific Northwest. Oh, and Siberia is on fire. I don't mean to sound alarmist, but Siberia is on fire

Ok, maybe I am trying to be alarmist, but I think it's a reasonable reaction given the situation we find ourselves in. Industries across the globe need to take a serious look at their operations and how they impact the world we all live in, and unsurprisingly the cruise industry is very much part of the problem. In this issue, we look at LNG fuel, as we try to find out if it can help reduce the carbon emissions of cruise ships (it probably can) and whether we'll see widespread adoption (we probably should).

As well as this, we look into how different operators are implementing mandatory Covid-19 vaccines for passengers, and how wearable tech is helping to improve contactless service on board ships, which is particularly useful in this day and age. 

Lastly, we speak to Cruise Baltic and Cruise Norway about their new technology aiming to help liners plan their journeys and avoid port congestion, and profile Celebrity Cruises' new ship, which is being pitched as the go-to destination for a luxury, holistic wellness experience.

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Peter Nilson, editor