Panomax delivers innovative, live 360° HD webcam solutions. Over the last eight years the company has revolutionised the webcam market in Europe. Traditional webcams have been replaced by Panomax’s unique 360° imagery. Panomax comes with a marketing software which enables users and owners to create an interactive experience and promote destinations in an authentic manner.

After turning the traditional webcam market upside down Klaus Mairinger, the founder of Panomax, is now heading to revolutionise webcam imagery in the cruise industry.

The Panomax solution offers an immersive experience for users and is utilised to interact with guests on a whole new level. The platform offers multiple ways of incorporating branding and information while the user explores the beautiful nature of a past or future trip. Its intuitive usability makes it easy for all users to get immersed within the imagery.

According to Mairinger one of Panomax’s biggest strengths is that users return over and over again to explore new imagery, look at past journeys and get excited for another trip.

Mairinger and his team have developed a unique way of transmitting the 470-megapixel imagery live and without impacting the ship’s bandwidth. This solution combined with the exceptional weatherproof hardware guarantees the highest available quality worldwide.

Panomax presents a way of creating a new and innovative platform of experiences. Soon a Panomax aboard a cruise ship is going to be something guests will demand.


Panomax for Ships