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Application solutions

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The advantages of Ethernet-based communication are becoming established in an increasing number of applications, and are also playing an increasingly important role in ship building and operation.

The leading technology from R&M supports high-speed data networks on board that are suitable for use on the high seas and stand up in comparison to installations in office blocks or administrative buildings.

R&M networks stand out in particular thanks to their optimal reliability and availability under the most difficult operating conditions.

cabin caBLING

Pragmatism is of key importance when it comes to the digital supply of passenger cabins. Cost-optimized, space-saving installation is of great relevance for the fixed installation of the cabin cabling.

R&M offers two system solutions that impress in particular when it comes to saving space:

Copper-based cabling ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​> RMS45 system (cable splitting)

Fiber-optic cabling > POL (Passive Optical LAN)

Cable splitting (RMS45)

One installation cable is all that is required for supplying a passenger cabin. Thanks to the RMS45 cable-splitting system, the services on the individual pairs can be accessed individually via the outlet installed in the cabin and connected to the end devices.

The RMS45 connectors (1-pair; 2-pair) are thus PoE-capable to 90W.

POL (Passive Optical LAN)

The system properties of POL are tailor-made for use in cabin cabling:

  • Small footprint for the fixed installation
  • Data is not influenced as a result of electromagnetic fields
  • Data transfer reserves for system update (e.g. higher data rates) > the fixed installation doesn’t have to be replaced
  • Costs comparable with an analog, copper-based installation

POL is rounded off by the use of FO Field connectors, meaning pre-defined, pre-assembled cables are not necessary. This ensures a flexible reaction can be made to unforeseen restrictions during the installation.

​​​​​​​on board

In every data network, there are network devices that are installed outside the connection node points.

These are usually WLAN antennas, surveillance cameras, information panels or secured access areas.

R&M recommends using the field-terminable connector families FM45 (RJ45) and FO Field (FO) for connecting these active components.

Devices controlled using copper cables also benefit from the PoE capability of the FM45 connector up to 90 W.

Administration / Monitoring
​​​​​​​of networks

As the space available on board is restricted, keeping a close eye on the installation at all times is critically important in order to carry out maintenance and modifications efficiently and cost-effectively.

The R&MinteliPhy range includes professional administration software that can be operated independently from the monitoring installation (monitoring of ports / visualization during maintenance, modifications and expansions).

A subsequent expansion of the R&M standard installation (platforms, patch cords) to active monitoring can be carried out at any time for both FO and copper (RJ45).

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