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The MSC Meraviglia is the first of a new fleet of high-tech ships MSC Cruises is launching over the next decade. Frances Marcellin went on board to speak to the team behind the ship’s cutting-edge technology

Saltan is a UK-based Himalayan Salt company providing salt solutions for a whole variety of different industries. What began as a company selling packets of culinary salt quickly expanded to incorporate a whole host of salt products. Saltan is now a market leader, working in the UK and internationally and is a specialist in salt walls, famed for the many benefits they provide.

Strikingly beautiful and packed with nutritious minerals, salt walls have seen a boom in popularity in recent years. Not only are they being used in spas and therapy rooms but also in interior design thanks to their stress-reducing and mood-boosting attributes. These marbled pink salt bricks are also being used by leading butchers in the process of dry-ageing meat. 

We are experts in providing dry-ageing salt wall solutions and have worked with steakhouses and restaurants as well as butchers. Our specialist design is practical, easy to construct and requires minimal maintenance without compromising on functionality.

The salt wall maintains a dry and anti-microbial environment for the ageing process and also creates the perfect conditions for a chemical reaction within the meat that breaks down protein fibres, resulting in that famed tenderness and flavour.

With their beautiful marbled design, the salt bricks that make up our dry-ageing salt walls are often presented as a feature in restaurants, placed within display refrigerator units to create an impactful aesthetic for customers.

Simple to construct, our proprietary salt wall frames come with everything you need as well as easy-to-follow assembly instructions. They also offer double the salt surface area to assist in the ageing process and are easy to maintain and clean. We are confident we provide the most effective and price-conscious dry-ageing salt wall system on the market and our expert team is always on hand to help with any queries or issues.

Visit our website to find our dedicated page and downloadable PDF about butchers’ dry-ageing salt walls.

Flame Retardant Carpet Protection Film protects carpets on floors, steps and stairs and is certified to the Marine Equipment Directive (Wheelmark).

Salt walls are increasingly becoming a design choice in high-end establishments as interior designers opt for solutions that combine aesthetics with wellbeing. Walls of pink-red Himalayan salt bricks create a dramatic feature whether you are looking to establish a relaxing seating area in a restaurant or are opting for a different look for panelling, counters or bar fronts.

Our purpose-designed frames hold the wall in place and lighting can also be fixed to create a visually stunning effect. When illuminated, the pink and red tones of the Himalayan salt bricks generate a warming, ambient glow. The end result is a unique, captivating work of art, created with pure, natural elements.

You can see the effect at High Mood Food, one of our customers in Duke Street, London. The bar front in this health food café has been panelled with an amazing back-lit salt wall piece. It has created an attractive feature and a centre of interest within the venue’s design.

Flame Retardant Carpet Protection Film protects carpets on floors, steps and stairs and is certified to the Marine Equipment Directive (Wheelmark).

Spending time by the sea and inhaling the salty air is known to be beneficial to your health. In fact, scientific studies also show that the inhalation of salt particles helps to treat respiratory disorders such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Himalayan salt is also considered the world’s purest, rich with nutritious minerals and packed with negatively-charged ions which are said to help relieve stress and improve your mood.

So it is no surprise that wellbeing centres are increasingly approaching us to construct Himalayan salt walls for spas and saunas to enhance relaxation and provide added health benefits as well as creating a unique and beautiful feature.

We can also offer packages for people wanting to build salt therapy rooms, including halo-generators.

Flame Retardant Carpet Protection Film protects carpets on floors, steps and stairs and is certified to the Marine Equipment Directive (Wheelmark).

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