Stay regular with scheduled
condition monitoring health checks

The process of monitoring the parameters of condition in machinery, to identify any indicators of developing or potential failures.

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Read our case study on root cause analysis following generator failure here

Elements at play…

Your power, propulsion and air systems are central to your operations.


Each piece of equipment is made up of many components, every part will vibrate in different ways, frequencies and amplitudes. When a failure is imminent, generally, the overall amplitude of vibration will increase

Protection systems do not evaluate specific problems – this is why regular review and analysis of the waveform is required. Understanding danger output signals, peak values and their comparison to pre-programmed limits is key to identifying specific problems well in advance of failure.

Common problems


Eccentric rotor

Bent or bowed shaft

Machine resonance

Coupling misalignment

Bearing cocked on shaft

Journal bearings

Rolling element bearings

Mechanical looseness

Bent or off-plane mounting

Turbulence and cavitation


Belt drive problems



Electrical motor problems

Elements at play…

Reducing your chances of breakdown with early detection.


  • Pin pointing ‘hotspots’ where faults are likely to occur, as a result of prolonged heat exposure, giving you time to plan scheduled maintenance ahead of any problems.
  • A reliable and non-contact method of scanning surfaces, to visualise temperature distribution across entire surfaces quickly and accurately.
  • Helping you save costs through minor corrective works and conducted under normal operating conditions with no stoppages.

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